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  1. General Rules & Driver Conduct
    1. Don’t be a dick. This is referred to as “rule 1”
    2. Remember rule 1.a
    3. Race clean and give room
    4. Drivers are expected to have familiarity with the rules
    5. Drivers must treat everyone with respect and avoid contentious topics
    6. Remember rule 1.b
  2. Qualification
    1. Drivers on the outlap must let other Drivers on their fast lap pass by moving out of their way. The in-game blue flag system assists Drivers in that. Ignoring the blue flag and holding up another Driver on their fast lap are conducts that may be penalized by the Stewards
    2. Exiting the pitlane must be done by exercising caution in order not to disrupt the timed lap of other Drivers. It is strictly prohibited to cross the white line / veer and jump onto the ideal line; any violation may result in severe penalty from the Stewards
    3. Approaching a Driver on his/her fast lap and overtaking is forbidden. The Driver behind must make sure that there is ample space in front before starting the timed lap while predicting potential pace differences, so that he/she does not disrupt the qualifying lap of the car in front. Drivers who disturb another Driver on a fast lap from behind may be penalized by the Stewards
  3. Blue Flags
    1. Slower car:
      1. Maintain predictable pace/line
      2. Don't defend against overlapping cars
      3. Quali non-hotlap: No sudden braking or movements, let overlapping cars pass when safe
      4. With the exception of quali non-hotlap you are not obliged to slow down, however if you choose to let the faster car past you:
        1. You should do this safely, this normally means doing it on the straights rather than corners
        2. The best way (to minimize time lost) to let people pass you is to go a bit deeper into hairpins by braking later. This minimizes time lost on your end if you let someone pass
        3. Do not brake suddenly, always be predictable. The faster car may be using your slipstream
    2. Faster car:
      1. You are responsible for passing safely
      2. Beware the slower car may brake much sooner than you! (that's probably why they're slower)
      3. The slower car doesn't have to slow down (with the exception of quali non-hotlap laps
    3. Pit Exit:
      1. Practice/Race: Cars leaving the pits have priority but must stay inside the exit line, cars on track must leave room for cars exiting the pit lane
      2. Qualification: Please see the 2.b (Qualification section)
  4. On Track Behaviour
    1. The Driver in front has the right to choose any line at any section of the track. The Driver in front loses this right when an overtaking Driver brings their front wheel to line up with the other Driver’s rear wheel. At this point drivers are in a “side-by-side” or “overlap” position, and they both have to give each other at least 1 car’s width of room
    2. Defending is allowed and accepted as a reaction by the Driver in front. It is not allowed to defend if there is any overlap between cars. Note that following a racing line into a corner is not considered defence (unless cars are deemed side-by-side)
    3. Both the passing Driver and the Driver in front are responsible for fair racing during the pass. It is the passing driver’s responsibility to choose a safe timing for the pass
    4. Pass attempts at a turn is what causes most accidents. The preferred racing line through most corners is usually very narrow and sometimes it will be impossible for two cars to share tight corners side-by-side at full speed. For each corner, the right to the preferred racing line is decided at the turn-in point. A Driver attempting to pass at corner entry has to be in a side-by-side position at the turn-in point to have a right to enter the corner side-by-side. If not, this Driver must back off and give way to the driver up front
    5. Dive-bombing without establishing sufficient overlap before the turn-in point should be avoided and may be subject to a penalty. If the attempting Driver gets out of control and causes contact, or time loss to another Driver, the penalties applied may be harsher than normal
    6. Brake checking, unnecessary slowing through a corner, punting, bump-passing, cutting-off or chopping, whether there is contact or not, are not permitted and will be subject to penalty
    7. Blocking is not allowed and subject to a penalty
    8. Weaving to break a draft is considered blocking
    9. Out-of-control or spinning Drivers should lock their brakes to make it easier for other Drivers to predict their movements. After a spin, the driver must keep the brakes pressed to make sure the car does not roll forward or back in order to not create an unpredictable situation for cars passing by. Rolling back to or recklessly re-entering the racing line and causing additional incidents may be subject to severe penalty, whether or not the offending car was the source of the initial incident
    10. Drivers who go off track limits, if they can keep their cars under control, should slow down or wait for traffic to clear and re-join in a safe manner
    11. Flashing of lights is permitted to alert the Driver ahead you are about to pass or Driver ahead will give way to help the pass. It cannot be more than 3 repeat flashes
    12. Gaining a position or gaining an advantage against a competitor or gaining track position (gaining time) by leaving the track in any way is against the rules, regardless of any in-game penalty that may be handed out, and the Stewards may apply penalties because of that, unless the Driver gives back the position immediately or slows down to compensate within the same lap
    13. Bump drafting is also prohibited. Drivers shall provide racing room to each other
    14. More than one defensive move on a straight is considered blocking. You may pick up a more favourable racing line for corner entry as part of your line into a corner however you must leave at least one car width between yourself and the edge of the track
    15. Late defensive moves causing another driver to take evasive action to avoid contact may be punished by the Stewards
  5. Incidents & Penalties
    1. If the event you've signed up has stewarding then this section is applicable!
    2. If a driver is involved in an incident they feel they’re responsible for, it is encouraged that the driver apply the “Gentleman’s Rule” (GR). This is the online racing equivalent of saying “my fault, sorry”. It simply means that you safely stop or safely drive slower than normal until the car that you may have harmed has passed you again
    3. Driver Reports
      1. A drivers must report incidents they wish to report via the Incident Report Form if they wish to seek official Steward decision and penalties to be applied
      2. You can only report incidents you are involved in
      3. You typically have 24 hours to report an incident (unless otherwise indicated in the specific event). You only have 3 reports per season, if your report is upheld you will keep that report, this is to prevent "nothing" incidents from being reported. It's encouraged to make sure the incident is worth reporting
    4. Lap 1 incidents will be subject to more scrutiny and possiblly harsher penalties
    5. Stewards may apply decisions/penalties without an incident report at their discretion. This will likely be for severe or repeated infractions
    6. Stewards may restart a race if the beginning of the race is a shit show at their discretion if there's an unanimous decision by all Stewards who are present
    7. If the incident includes one of the stewards then that Steward cannot vote on that incident
    8. Example penalties
      1. 5 second penalty
      2. 10 second penalty
      3. 30 second penalty
      4. Qualifying ban
      5. Start from pits next race
  6. Notes
    1. Determining the “turning point” on any given corner will highly depend on the corner, the line the driver is taking and where/when steering input occurs. Turning point will usually be at the end of the braking zone
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